Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Support - wow

Yesterday one of the guys at work walked by and demo-ed his new shaved head. He did it to support my journey through this illness. Man - really amazing. I was certainly moved. Now, he's much better looking with a shaved scalp than I would be so he's set the bar pretty high! Not sure whether I'll go down that road - depends on what type of and how much chemo I get. But it sure was a nice gesture. So powerful I'm thinking about getting an iPhone. (insider joke..)


  1. A very cool thing for him to do. A good reflection of the impact your illness has had on your friends.

  2. Yup, it was super cool. It's been really amazing how much support I've gotten as I start down this road. I guess we're all much more connected to other people than we think. Now, I'd prefer to have learned this lesson in some different fashion but it sure does feel great to have so many people sending positive energy my way...