Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life insurance is a weird thing

Earlier this fall Susan and I did some financial planning and as a result of that, we decided that I should up my life insurance. That process started in January as sort of a background task; like making sure you file your tax returns on time or something. After my diagnosis and the forced consideration of my mortality, the whole idea of life insurance became a bit more meaningful. I've been worried that the life insurance would be denied because of my illness. However, this week we found out that the increased life insurance had been approved.

So then you start to wonder how you should feel about this. "Oh yeah, my family will get more money when I die!" gives me a decidedly mixed emotion. Of course I'm sure hoping that this policy doesn't get used for another 30 years or so. I've finally decided that it does indeed feel a bit comforting to know that we have this resource available to us. One less thing to worry about. It's easy to think about life insurance and just check off the appropriate box on a form when you're healthy. When you get a serious illness the whole life insurance thing becomes a bit more intense and dark.

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