Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Anti-Cancer Treatment; back to exercise

Thursday afternoon I got my sutures out  and got clearance to start exercising. Sweet! I got a run and swim in on Friday afternoon with Caitlyn, and then did a bike ride this morning by myself. Wow, I feel a TON better after getting 3 workouts in yesterday and today. And what a beautiful day for a ride! Man, it felt good to be alive and out on the bike.

So although I've had surgery and I will have both chemo and radiation therapy to cure my illness, another Big Part of my cure will be my favorite road bike of all time, the Schwinn Peloton. Thx Charlie for hooking me up with this awesome bike! I've got 190 road miles in since the first of the year. Hoping to get in 2,000 road miles this year - we'll see how that goes...

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