Sunday, March 28, 2010

Peter the Power Port and seatbelts - not such a great combination

In the logistics of life, things have been going pretty well so far. The one thing that has been a bit of a drag is that my port is on my upper left chest quadrant right where the driver's side seat belt crosses my chest. It definitely irritates my chest to have the belt rub on my port. I've tried slouching down or sitting tall to get the belt to hit me in a different position but it always seems to slide around until its right on top of the port. After a few minutes of this I start getting a kind of scratchy, skin-is-irritated kind of pain radiating out from the port site. In my normal daily activities I don't have to drive much so this shouldn't be too big a deal. But if I do any big drives this summer I'll have to look into some sort of pad to around the belt to diffuse the pressure.


  1. This here will solve your problem bro! Take care of Petie!

  2. Yeah, that looks nice. I can snug the belt down so low on my stomach that I will be launched through the window in any accident. Thx for the tech, tip - geez! :)

  3. Sounds like you are feisty as ever. Glad to hear that the Papa Geo spirits are as willful during chemo as they are during anything. Keep up the good laughter and stubborn work! Love you!