Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eating Vegan - week 1 (by Susan)

In between going with George to his multiple diagnostic sessions over the past week, I have been trying to do what I can to reduce both our chances of cancer recurrence by exploring a vegan diet.  I know that there are lots of studies out there, lots of theories, and lots of kooks with their story to tell when it comes to diet.  You can get into religious wars over what food to eat.  And coming from Boulder, people love to discuss food and various types of diets.  Just go to any of your local Whole Foods, Sunshine's Market, or Vitamin Cottage if you want to meet some of these people (we still don't have Trader Joe's in Colorado).    BUT....given all of this, I think there is mounting scientific research saying that eating animal products is bad for your health on a number of levels.  Not to mention that the way that animals are treated that are used for food is enough to make you at least cringe, if not enough to break your heart.  Although, to be perfectly honest, we are doing this for the selfish reason of living longer (see BTBD below).  And if I can change what I eat and increase the longevity and health of myself and my family, why wouldn't I do it?  

So.... week one going vegan.  For me, it's not all that different from how I have been eating, except that my meals have the vegetables and not the meat.  We are eating more whole grains and legumes for main dishes, with some soy products.  George and I both agree that we don't like the fake meats made out of soy - we'd just rather eat real vegetables.   There is definitely something emotional going on about not eating meat and dairy - part of me just rebelled at this thought and panicked that I wouldn't be able to find anything to eat.  For the first several days I felt a bit lightheaded and had some stomach upset.  But now, after just one week, I think I have gotten over it and I feel pretty good.  In fact, I feel lighter all over.  I haven't weighed myself, because I don't want this to be about weight, which we all seem to obsess over. 

The other thing that has felt funny has been that I can't tell if I'm full or not.  Something is messing with my hunger signals - I'm just not feeling the hunger pangs like I used to.  I think when you eat a lot of vegetable your stomach just gets filled up.   For a couple of days I was really craving dairy products, but already it has lessened. 

Since our original commitment was to try this diet for one month, we will see how the next three weeks go!

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  1. S & G: Speaking as a non-dairytarian of many years, there are lots of alternatives (mostly rice based) that you should try. Let's set up a time to peruse the shelves of your local Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods so I can point out the things that taste good and were produced without bovine involvement.

    N Graham