Saturday, March 6, 2010

Neck check-up

Here's what my neck is looking like these days. I got my sutures out Thursday and it's healing nicely. The ENT said that they intentionally sew it up puckered up a bit so that over time the skin will stretch and it will be smooth. If they knitted it back together so it was smooth today I would have a dent in my neck in 3 months.

It felt a little itchy the first time I sweated hard into the incision but in general it's feeling very good. No pain. And because I can't see it unless I look in the mirror, it doesn't bother me that I kind of look like Frankenstein on one side of my neck. Susan says that I might consider putting a band aid over it when I go out in polite society but since that's a pretty rare occurrence for me I think I'll be OK leaving it exposed to the air.

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