Friday, March 19, 2010

Port Success! (by Susan)

We are just back from the hospital where George had his port put in today.  Everything went well and things look good.  George is still acting slightly weird from the meds and is not cleared for typing at the moment.  They gave him a "twilight sleep" anesthetic instead of a general.  They used Versed so he doesn't remember a thing.  When he woke up he got the nurse to come out and tell me that he was talking about sex, which I totally believed.

"That's just what he did the last time!"  I said.

"Is that so?  Well, that is strange," said the nurse, trying not to laugh.

Then when I got back to the recovery room sha admitted that George had put her up to it and they had a good laugh on me.

So, now George has a bump on his chest - pictures to come later.  He is all set to start chemo on Monday and get the recovery process going!

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