Saturday, March 13, 2010

A long week, a beautiful day...

This week has been pretty grueling in terms of health care interactions. I had six different appointments this week, spread across Monday-Thursday. Drilling bone marrow out of my hip, consultations, scans, measuring... By the end of the week I was pretty ready for the weekend. I snapped a bit at one of my appointments. My GP's nurse wanted to weigh me (usually a rhetorical question: "Can I get your weight?"). To which I replied: "Nope. I've been weighed about 5 times in the last week by you guys, I've weighed myself twice (after swim workouts). My weight hasn't fluctuated more than a pound through all those weigh-ins and I don't feel like taking my shoes off and getting up on the f__king scale again. " Well, I didn't f-bomb her but I sure felt like it. A bit of rebellion, eh? I am just some kind of wild man, bucking the system, sticking it to The Man!

Anyway, a pretty normal work day on Friday (albeit one with 6 hours of meetings, yuck). Then, the good stuff: had a really nice vegan dinner last night with Susan at a local restaurant and a good sleep last night. This morning we went on an absolutely beautiful ride in Erie and Lafayette. Crystal clear blue sky, sunny, temp in the high 50s. We did a pretty mellow ride, around 14 miles through neighborhoods. It felt really good to get out on the bike and enjoy the nice weather and feel the spring energy as everyone was out with their families enjoying the nice weather.

Tonight we have some dear friends bringing over a vegan dinner and tomorrow we're thinking about getting in a day of skiing.

I also did a guided meditation today, thinking about beautiful white light streaming through my body, making all my cells happy and healthy. One thing that has been bothering me a bit since my neck surgery is that my throat feels a bit swollen and I've been coughing a fair amount. So during the mediation I focused on my throat swelling going down and being able to breathe and swallow easily. After the meditation I definitely felt more open in my throat which was a nice positive feedback from the meditation. I will try to do more meditating going forward as I think that can be a really good way to help my body heal itself...

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