Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Day post-chemo: Geo is doing great! (by Susan)

I would have to say that so far George is doing great with the chemo (granted, it is only day 2 of 168 days).  But so far the nausea meds have been working, he has been eating and drinking normally, and even got in a workout on the treadmill today before our big March snowstorm started blowing in.   No kidding - we already have about six inches of snow here in Louisville, with more supposed to fall tonight and tomorrow.

He is looking quite healthy as I am sitting here next to him.  We played guitars tonight and butchered "Some of Shelly's Blues" and "Angel from Montgomery" (that was mostly me butchering it).   Now he is laughing at a pond hockey video he found on Hulu.   We also had a great vegan dinner of lentil stew, couscous, and steamed kale - how's THAT for healthy?  So, if music, laughter, exercise, and good food have anything to do with it, we are already giving this cancer an ass-kicking!


  1. We continued our Candles, Prayer and Gregorian Chant vigil today. Sending you and George lots of love and "positive force for good in the universe." May the Sacred Heart of Jesus enfold, comfort, and bless you both!

  2. I am stoked to hear things are off to a strong start.
    Side note - I just learned last week about how great kale is for you. It is a wonder food for sure.