Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have an Rx to be happy...

I touched base with my GP today, who I know socially (our sons went to K-12 together). It was good to chat with him over all the things that have happened in the 3 weeks since I've been diagnosed.

He confirmed that I was doing all the right stuff and that the team I've put together is a good set of specialists. The most interesting thing he said though was that in his experience the patients that have the most trouble are the ones that give into depression. In the work I have ahead of me, my body has to do two things well - get rid of cancer cells and then recover from the onslaught of the chemo. He's seen patients have ups and downs and then get stuck in the downs and just really get depressed. In his experience, this has a markedly negative effect on both the efficacy of the chemo and the patient's ability to recover from the chemo.

So, important guidance from him:
  • Happiness, laughter, love, spiritual contemplation, meditation and support are all essential pieces of keeping my mental state good. And my good mental state will help my body find and kill the cancer cells and cope with the negative effects of the chemo.
  • Positive mental imagery will also help (think of cancer cells getting killed by kick-ass white blood cells and then those defeated cancer cells getting flushed from my body). 
I do believe  in a strong mind/body connection so this makes sense to me. And the cool thing is now I am officially sanctioned to have fun, laugh, enjoy myself; all as part of my cancer treatment!


  1. I'm enjoying your journal, George. You and your family have a great attitude toward life and its inevitable challenges.
    Kick ass, take names, revel in the journey!

  2. "Happiness, laughter, love, spiritual contemplation, meditation, and support are all essential pieces." Yes, yes, and more yes. The "life force" the "positive force for good in the universe" or whatever name you choose to use. Plus genuine connection and sharing, fun and laughter with those who love you. This is the "Life Force" that will sustain you through the dark night of the soul. Peace and Love. - Jim

  3. Thanks, guys for the comments. I think the really hard work is still ahead of me but I definitely feel like I'm in the game. Going to enjoy the weekend and think healthy happy thoughts. Tuesday we get the summary of my staging from the oncologist, Friday the port goes in and then Monday I start chemo.