Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hammer time on the bike

Today I did my first hard ride since the surgery on my neck, chemo, etc. It was a beautiful day today in Boulder and we got four guys together for a lunch ride who are all at pretty much the same level on the bike. We cruised around in east and north Boulder for a while and put the hammer down on occasion. It felt pretty hard to me, but hard in a good way. I didn't notice any sudden chemo-jello-legs, my lungs felt pretty good, my recovery was ok (not great). Pretty much what you would expect for trying to push a hard ride in late March. And, it was my fourth day in a row on the bike. I was really, really happy to be able to still ride with these guys. Maybe they were just going slow for me but if so, they did a pretty good job of acting like it was work :) I've no idea if I will be able to keep that up as I go through more chemo treatments but I'm not thinking about that right now. Just enjoying the after glow of a good, hard ride on the bike in the beautful sunshine with good friends to push each other along.

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