Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A nice bike ride, and today is crazy socks day!

I had a nice ride last night on my bike (Lee Hill Road to Left Hand Canyon to Olde Stage Rd, 8% to 11% grades). Got dropped by my two climbing buddies, worked like crazy to be last to the top. Ed and Glen were nice enough to wait for me at strategic locations -neither wanted to face the wrath after telling Susan that they had lost me on a bike ride :) At the top of Lee Hill it started sprinkling so we got to have some fun going 30-40 mph down Left Hand Canyon with a 25 mph cross-wind and some slightly wet and sandy pavement. An attention getter, for sure!

Anyway, the ride did a great job of flushing some of the malaise from my system. Had a good nights sleep, woke up feeling pretty chipper and decided that today should be a crazy sock day! Despite Susan's protestations I did indeed where this shoe/sock combo to work today:

Obviously I have a high fashion sense and I just need to wait for the rest of the world to catch up with what I know to be a great look. Or, maybe I'll just keep my feet hidden under my desk all day. Some of you have seen this look in person at Amanda and Verne's house a few weekends ago. For the rest of you, the picture will have to do!


  1. Love that crazy sock look. I'm going to wear that same combo (wild colored socks and sandals) when we sing our chant and polyphony. Yeah, that's it. This is our New Polyphonic Fashion Statement (NPFS). Wow, we're ahead of the curve now!

  2. Shannon says that her boyfriend, who is also an engineer, insists on the sandals and socks look as well....must be a mark of the trade. Good job at keeping the fashion bell curve stretched out. You are like out in the 4/5 sigma (if we're considering National averages...maybe you'd only be in sigma 1/2 for Boulder county...)