Saturday, May 1, 2010

ah, excuse me, but your nose is dripping...

One of the joys of chemo is finding out the million and one ways that your body can be tweaked when you're basically putting poison into your body. For me one of the strange side effects is that my nose has turned into an ultra-sensitive thermometer. If I get the slightest bit cold (like, walking in from the car to the house when the ambient temperature is < 72 degrees) - boom - my nose starts dripping. My sinuses are completely clear, my nose isn't stuffed up and I'm pretty sure this isn't a sign of getting or having a cold. But there's something going on in my nasal sinuses and blood circulation in my head. If I'm at all cold, the faucet in my nose starts running. As my ever present wing-woman, Susan spends  a lot her time subtly  motioning at her nose - kind of a hand signal that I should check my nose. Sure enough, it'll be leaking. And of course, when you blow your nose 20 times a day, it only takes a few days for the skin under your nose to start getting irritated. Now I'm starting to think that this is normal - doesn't everyone else walk around with a wet patch under their nose? So I've kind of morphed into a big puppy from that perspective -well intentioned but kind of gross with a cold, wet nose proceeding me everywhere I go. So I apologize ahead of time if I'm a bit slow to clean up my leaky nose in your company. You can just give me a little nose nod and I'll know that I'm leaking - again!

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  1. You have always had the ability to maintain a snot dribble on the end of your nose without really realizing I guess we are just looking at a function with increased frequency as opposed to an entirely new function. Remind me to tell you about the Prof who leaked snot juice all over the GPR monitor during field work this are in good geeky company!