Friday, May 14, 2010

definite progress on the PET/CT scan front

Ok, I've found a scan that shows great progress. This is a slightly different imaging model than I had described earlier. In this scan, black areas show high metabolic activity. The big black blobs are (from the top down), my brain, spleen, kidneys and bladder. Not sure why the brain shows up as black but the other organs  are all involved in turning the sugar water into pee so it's normal that they show up on the scan. So in this scan, the left picture is from march - note the black spots in the center of my chest and going up into the left side of my neck (right side on these pictures). That's the bad stuff. On the right is the scan from this afternoon. Notice the absence of black blobs in the center of my chest and neck. Lots of caveats - I'm a rank amateur at interpreting this stuff. But man, it sure looks like we're headed in the right direction! I am one happy blogger as I type this. We'll get an official read on Monday and there are a number of image sets to look at. But I'm sure happy about the way this one looks. Boo-yah!!!

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  1. Boo-yeah fo sho!!!!!! Give us the update as soon as you hear the official interpretation.