Monday, May 3, 2010

chemo or no chemo, it sucks when your team loses

Got a chance to get over to Pleasant View yesterday and watch my men's team in action. They had a pretty good 1st half - had a goal from a set piece called back on a technicality, defended fairly well and the score at half was 0-0. Things started to go sideways in the 2nd half. A couple of mistakes in the back and we're down 0-2, the midfield has trouble retaining possession and building any sort of consistent attack, fatigues sets in, we give up another goal on a set piece and on a goal from getting caught in transition trying to press forward. Final was an ugly 0-4 defeat.

It was great to see all the guys and watch the game and you'd think that would be the dominant feeling of the day. But no! I was in a mild amount of agony watching the 2nd half. I was really wishing that I could have been out there trying to help out a bit. But after watching the game I certainly felt like I made the right decision to not play this season. It sure would suck to get Pete damaged or pick up some nasty injury and have that problem on top of the chemo to deal with.

After the game got a close-up of the t-shirt from last week. Here are two of the boys showing their support:

Hopefully my chemo will wrap up on schedule in September and I'll get a few games with these guys during the fall campaign!

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