Monday, May 3, 2010

more from the cancer center - chatting about computer languages, hardware of the 80s and 90s.

Just had a nice conversation with a guy that's getting treated for colo-rectal cancer (We're all in here for something and no one's shy about sharing their info!) He's a mountain climber who's probably in his 60s - used to work at NCAR. He lost a ton of weight - down from 170 lbs to 122 lbs. Yikes! He's on the same cycle as me - every other Monday for 12 sessions. He's just doing his 6th session today while I'm on my 4th. So we'll be seeing each other for the next 6 every other Mondays. He's getting better over the last 2 months - gaining weight, starting to eat more so that's all good news!

Turned out we had some industry background in common - started talking about coding Fortran in the 70s, working with VMS and DEC hardware in the 80s, SGI and Sun hardware and OSes in the 80s. Not a big surprise I guess when you do chemo in Boulder. You will probably run into someone geeky, athletic or both!

Also got a nice visit from Beryl, the woman's who I've mentioned previously. She's fighting a bit of a cold today, small temperature, etc. But they managed to get her treatment in so that's good news.

Should be done in another 20 minutes or so. DTIC has gone in no problem. While I'm typing this, Susan is out getting my pet/ct scan scheduled. We'll try to get it scheduled a week from Friday - maximum time for round 4 to do its mojo and be ready for the oncologist to review in my next session 2 weeks from today.

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  1. This just proves that geeks can find other geeks in any circumstance!