Friday, April 1, 2011

How much Geo to share?

Morning, all. Down at the transplant center this morning and just finished having an interesting conversation with the team of doctors. As part of the transplant process I've signed up to be part of a clinical trial that looks at the cross compatibility of my progenitor stem cells to be genetically enhanced to act as a source of uber cells that could be used to help other patients. As everyone knows, Italian stem cells are incredibly robust and mine have been tempered down through the generations with a healthy cross-dose of other pan-Euro stem cells from my ancestors in Ireland, Scotland and Austria. Over the past week they've been evaluating my cells and have come to the conclusion that I have the best stem cells every seen in someone that's descended from European ancestors.

But here's the big catch - if they give my stem cells to other transplant patients, there will be side effects. Because of the strength of my stem cells, they will do some genetic remapping of the recipients. The most likely changes to the donor are a bigger nose, louder voice and a tendency to blurt out inappropriate comments at social gatherings. Also a creeping desire to wear socks with flip-flops.

So the big moral question I face is dare I unleash this on the population? Of course if it helps save peoples' lives it would seem like a reasonable trade-off but I think there are some subtle karmic questions here. Do we all have different paths to enlightenment and would I be corrupting someone's path by letting them get the uber Geo cells? This could be a Pandora's box - once my little guys start getting out into the greater population parties may never be the same. And the fashion implications are really too terrible to think about...

It's a tough decision that I've got to grapple with. Luckily this seems like the perfect day to think about these deep thoughts so thanks for allowing me to share my dilemma. Let me know what you think!


  1. Interesting dilemma George. I wonder how much genetic impact those stem cells would really ultimately have? And in the end - perhaps helping others get healthy and thrive would trump other concerns?

  2. I, for one, welcome our new Florentine overlords.

  3. Hi George! Steve Moynahan here writing from Park City, Utah. Pete forwarded this link so we could check out Blogspot for potential use with brother John. Hope you are feeling ok and, thanks to the power of the smoothies, packing on some weight. Best of luck with your treatment.

    Your dilemma is profound. How much of ones personna is safe to unleash on the public?? Truly unchartered waters.

    Sending positive energy your way!

  4. I say go for it and spread the Geo love! The world will undoubtedly be a better place for all! Hang in there with the smoothies- I hope the tummy side effects will soon subside and dining will be enjoyable again. Also, very sorry to hear about the sudden loss of Socrates- those furry little friends steal our hearts- Thinking of you- The Mildreth's

  5. Deep thoughts by Geo, Love it! I see an emerging market for thong socks (one slot for the toe and another for the remaining 4 toes) and padded walls (for insanely intense dance moves). Keep 'em coming!

  6. hey, all. Thx for going along with the silliness of my April Fool's post. I hope it suckered you in for a bit and you enjoyed the prank.

    @Steve: we've found the blog to be a super useful tool for friends and family to keep informed on my progress without deluging Susan with e-mail and phone calls. Highly recommended and super easy to maintain.

  7. George, thanks for info. I have been tweaking Johns blog a bit to get it really streamlined. Step by step - same as yours and his recovery, yes?? One other thought with your stem cell post - would your cells also predispose the recipient to the urge to coast down in hills with his/her car in neutral and/or turned off??? I remember the days of Charlie performing that task - you were ahead of your time since now thats the idea behind some hydrid tech, yes??