Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day + 20 - a good weekend (by Susan)

Thanks to Geo's rising blood counts, we had the weekend off  and did not need to go to the blood center or to the hospital - yay!  His while blood cells are now within a normal range, his red blood cells are going up, and his platelets are still low but they are typically the last thing to rise.  The doctors and nurses at the blood center couldn't believe that he actually was running last week (as compared to many patients who can barely walk to the mailbox at this stage).  On Friday when we went to the blood center they were taking bets on how far he ran that morning (that was the half-mile day).    So, only have two more appointments this week.  George's exit interview is planned for Wednesday, when he is also scheduled to get the port out.

George is no longer getting IV antibiotics, IV anti-nausea medicine, IV fluids, or any other IV meds.   He is feeling better and better each day.   The doctor told us that he basically has the immune system of a newborn baby right now - all of his previous immunities to measles, mumps, chicken pox, smallpox, flu, etc., are gone.  So, he will need to get re-inoculated against these childhood diseases.  Isn't that crazy?  So, while he has normal white blood cell counts, he basically has not immunity to anything, that's why he still needs to be really careful about being in group situations and being around anyone who is sick with a cold, flu, or anything else.

George is starting to get really antsy - sick of being in the house, sick of not being able to drive, sick of not being able to ride his bike outside.  This is a very good sign because there was nothing worse than seeing him lie there completely wiped out and nauseated, and not wanting to do anything. I have never seen George like that before and it was very heart-wrenching, not to mention scary.  So, I will take antsy and ornery Geo any day of the week!  We will find out during the exit interview how long it will take to resume normal activities.  We are making a list of things like, when can we eat out, when can we visit friends, when can we go camping, how long do we have to maintain the nutrapenic diet,  how long until George can take an airline flight, etc., etc. 

A funny thing happened to me last week.  When we knew for sure that George was out of the woods and he was on the mend, I suddenly became very, very tired.    It was last Thursday, and all I could do was sleep the whole day.  I must have taken about five naps and had no energy at all.  On Friday I started feeling better, and now I am getting back to my normal energy level.  But I just didn't realize how exhausted I was by this whole thing. 

I can see how people need to find their "new normal" after going through cancer treatments.  Even after the physical scars have healed, I know it's going to take some doing to get both George and me back to feeling mentally and emotionally the way we used to - if that ever WAS normal!  However, I'm not going to worry about that now - I'm just going to enjoy having my feisty, opinionated, dancing Geo back again!

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