Friday, April 8, 2011

engraftment, baby!

Day +11 and I'm happy to report that my bone marrow is starting to produce new white blood cells. My ANC is now 0.1, WBCs are 0.4 and we're heading in a good direction. I got a platelet transfusion yesterday afternoon to keep me safe and may get a red blood transfusion over the weekend. But with an ANC > 0 and 2 days in a row of my total WBC count going up we can conclude that my bone marrow is back in business. I'm still not feeling like running any wind sprints since my RBC #s are all pretty low but this is definitely a major milestone.  Now we're just hangin' in there, being healthy, waiting for my immune system to continue to wramp up. When my ANC > 1.0 for two days I'll be able to stop the antibiotics which will be a big step logistically, since I spend about 4 hrs/day getting infused with the antibiotics.

So it's a happy Friday at the infusion center. More news as it happens!


  1. yup, pretty psyched. Definitely a milestone. Still work to do but it's super exciting to get some hard evidence that my little wayward travelers have found their way home to my bone marrow and the immune system engine is rebooting. A great demo on the amazing recuperative powers of the human body!

  2. Very excited and relieved!

  3. go bone marrow go bone marrow go!