Monday, April 18, 2011

Day +21 platelets have engrafted

Yeah! The final piece of the blood chemistry puzzle is falling into place. My platelets are at 21 this morning, up from 16 on Friday. My whites are down some this morning, but that's a normal reaction to getting off of the Neupogen. Reds are up a bit as well; my crit is now up over 28, from 26.5 on Friday.

Our next checkup is Wed morning. If everything is still going in a good direction I'll get my line out and graduate from the program. We have lots of questions about when I can start doing a wide range of activities, so we'll talk through all that on wed. with the nurse. In the interim, just doing the slow, boring but necessary work of recharging the engine. Today we're looking to get a hike in up in the foothills somewhere.

That's it for now. Kind of boring, which is a good thing!


  1. Where did you end up hiking? Were the wildflowers out?