Thursday, April 7, 2011

counts are starting to creep up

Day +10 this morning and I just got back my lab results. My WBCs  and RBCs are both starting to tick up a bit. Platelets are down and the real indicator of immune system health (ANC, which measures a type of infection fighting white blood cells) is still basically at zero. But the fact that some of the markers are edging up mean that  I think we've reached the bottom and are now starting to climb up to a more normal blood chemistry. Yeah! The only bad part of today is that they're giving me a drug that stimulates white blood cell growth in your bone marrow (Neupogen) but it makes you feel like you have the flu. So although my temp is normal I feel a bit feverish, achy, etc. A very reasonable trade-off - grow white cells faster vs. a bit of physical discomfort - but it's still another straw on the back of the Geo medical camel.

Well, that's it for now. I'll finish getting my normal set of fluids and electrolytes and then pop across the street and get a platelet infusion to keep me safe from any sort of bleeding incident. You know, like blowing your nose and having half your blood volume come streaming down your chest. Or sneezing and having a similar reaction. Or coughing and trigger some crazy pulmonary/esophageal bleeding incident.  You know, little things that yeah, you might be ok with for fun but to keep it boring you probably want to avoid :)

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  1. We're counting with you... and sending happy healthy WBCs and RBCs and bone marrow and more more more.