Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wed morning. More boring chemo (but boring is good)

Morning, all. Another day at work today, where work = getting chemotherapy. Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. Sitting around in the morning getting some chemo, then off to a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant, Watercourse Food. Highly recommended, wide selection of tasty veggie meals, wide mix of teas, just all around good stuff. We got home about 5:15. I took a nap and then jumped on the trainer for a brief spin. We then had a nice pre-made dinner from Organic Dish, where ourfantastic friends at Flatirons have put in a hefty food budget. We go on the web, order a few meals a week and then pick them up and store them in the freezer. Thaw 'em out for a bit, cook 'em up (usually a 1 pot meal) and you've got a great, veggie/vegan meal with very little effort. Definitely a nice perk that I think we'll use a lot of over the next week or two as we spend time down here in Denver during the day.

Also had a pretty good night last night. I've got my bike trainer setup in front of my laptop with a big monitor so I can watch movies in the study without monopolizing the TV in the family room. Based on recommendations from BikesOrBeers buddies, I got the Kurt Kinetic  T-004. We cashed in some REI dividends and also managed to use a 20% in-store discount so got it for a pretty good deal. When we unpacked the box it was missing a spring, so a quick call to the Kinetic help line and the spring is on its way. Right now my platelets and WBCs are pretty good so I could definitely still do outside rides but the days down here are pretty long so by the time I get home, a few minutes spinning on the trainer seems like just the ticket. And early next week my counts will go down a lot and then I'll definitely be sidelined for a while onto the trainer. I can already see that a trainer tire is a good idea. I got one but haven't put it on yet but will soon since after only a few miles I can see that back tire is getting worn.

By the end of yesterday here at the infusion center I was getting pretty antsy, so we did a few laps of the infusion center with my infusion unit in tow. Found a bigger room and did a few yoga poses while hooked up the infusion pole. Susan's got some photos of that silliness she'll post later.

Well, that's it for now. Just doing the work of beating down my immune system so I can get rid of the last of the nasty cells hanging in my lymphatic system.

Oh, and quick update on my co-blogger. Socrates spent the time at the vet hospital last night. Antibiotics are in, lots of rehydration going on and they've started him on a prescription cat food. We're hopeful that the cat food will get his blood sugar under control and we won't have to start him on insulin. It was a weird feeling last night to not have him in the house. With only the 3 of us in the house he's definitely a key part of the home posse. If things go well today for the little guy we'll get him home tonight. He was starting to nip at people yesterday at the vet which makes us hopeful that he's getting some of his mojo back.


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