Monday, March 21, 2011

Susan : 1, Blinds: 0

Late breaking news from the blood clinic. We had a feisty blind in our room that refused to lower itself. The afternoon sun was getting a bit bright so Susan decided to teach the blind what-for. With a thundering crash, the blind surrendered to Susan's indomitable will. Here's a picture of the victor with the vanquished blind:

Other than that bit of excitement, not much going on here. Getting the "B" in the BEAM protocol. Should be home by about 5:00 pm and then back tomorrow for E and A chemicals. More news as it happens!


  1. Clearly we should have BLIND FAITH in Susan. Thanks for keeping us updated - sending white light in your direction.

  2. True to the Bockhoff tradition!

  3. Hahaha! I take this post as an indication of "boredom" which in the cancer world translates to "treatment going as hoped." Keep up the fight with the furniture!