Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 3 update - so far, so good

Hey, all. Day 3 of my new immune system and things are going well. My platelets, WBC and RBCs are all still trending downwards which is normal for the protocol. All the subsystems are holding up - stuff moving through my GI tract, no abnormal bleeding, no vomiting, normal temp, clear heart and lungs. I've got the beginnings of a couple of mouth sores but not too bad. There are a whole bunch of bad things that could be going on at this point in the process so I'm thankful that nothing too serious is going on.

The big issue comfort wise is my stomach. It is NOT HAPPY. It is saying "DO NOT PUT ANYTHING INTO ME." Not nauseated, but crampy. It has definitely put out the "FOOD IS NOT WELCOME" sign. The chemo has really trashed my stomach lining and my tummy's reaction to this assault is to close down. The problem is that not eating is not all that conducive with feeling good. So my big battle has been to get food into me. Getting a cup of soup down feels like climbing Flagstaff. I'm down about 8 lbs in a week and of course, I'm not losing all fat but a combination of fat and muscle as my body scavenges calories wherever it can find it. I'm wearing shorts today and my once powerful calf muscles are now reminiscent of the 80 year Italian uncle's legs you were always embarrassed to see at family get togethers. So it's definitely grind time. I may have up to a week more of feeling like this which is somewhat daunting but there's no getting out of it so I'm prepared to just crawl through the next few days.

Ok, that's it for now! Back to watching the minutes s-l-i-d-e by and hoping that eventually my stomach lining starts to settle down.

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  1. As stated previously, all this is doing is lowering you to normal mortal human levels from your regular superhuman strength. This will create empathy for the rest of us wimps that will help you be even more benevolent when you regain your powers.