Monday, March 14, 2011

Thx for all the help this weekend!

In preparation for me becoming bubble boy, we had a busy weekend. Our friends came through big time for us and made it a super productive and fun time.

On Saturday, I managed to get a nice ride in with some new friends I've made through the Denver Livestrong community. 20 miles up and down Lookout Mtn. 2100 vertical feet of climbing. Every week I've been getting a little stronger on the bike so it was nice to be able to climb a bit and not feel completely wiped out. Thx to Bunny, Brian, Steve, Josh and Sarah for a nice day on the bike.

On Sunday, we put the hammer down on getting the casa ready for the next few weeks of ultra clean living. Carlin, Scott, Carolyn and I tackled some outdoor tasks - cleaning the garage, raking leaves, etc. Inside, Susan, Chris G., Chris J. and Gen did some mondo clean and sanitizing and reorganizing our house to make it a clean environment for me as I regrow an immune system.

Just a few pics to give you a sense of the work these guys did:

Our spice cupboard. Trust me, it didn't look like this before the cleaning crew did their magic:
And if you look closely, you'll see that their alphabetized!

Plants can have some bugs on them, so the plan is to put these all in one room and I'll generally stay out of that room:

If you're like us, you've probably also got some crazy science experiments going on in the door of your refrigerator. Condiments from the 1990s, etc. These long term agar plates masquerading as food can bring some nasty bugs into your life so they've gotta go! Here is the door to our frig now:

So in summary, thx SO MUCH! to all youse guys for all the hard work. We accomplished in one day what would have taken us a week to do on our own. I felt pretty worn out by last night but after a good sleep I'm charged up and ready to dive into a week of treatments.

I think that blog frequency will shoot up as we start to have lots going on with my treatment. Look for more posts this week as we dive into the fun and adventure that is the Geo Science Experiment!!!

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