Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Warning - very geeky dream summary, and post chemo body check

My co-workers will really enjoy this one. The rest of you - could be a yawner...

Last night I had a very powerful dream that my tumors were being packaged up as a bunch of XML fragments within a GNU compressed tar ball. My chemo manifested itself as a software publishing pipeline and it was very important to me that all the tumors get named correctly so that the publishing pipeline would be able to collect them all in the tarball and then publish them (i.e push them out of my body). I even woke up in the middle of the dream and was going to explicitly name each tumor so that it would get into the tarball archive correctly. For some reason, the naming process was one and done and I was really worried that if I didn't name the XML fragments/tumors correctly that the publishing process wouldn't find them and they wouldn't get published.

So this is an example of when your professional life intrudes WAY TOO MUCH into your dream symbolism. Sigh - what can I say. 20 years of thinking about document architectures is going to leave a mark, I guess.

On the chemo front, today has been a pretty reasonable day health wise. I felt better last night than I did 2 Mondays ago and had a better sleep (modulo weird dreams). Today my GI tract has been acting a little funky but nothing too uncomfortable. I got out for a 2 mile walk this morning and this evening I did 30 minutes on an indoor treadmill (the weather here was in the low 40s and windy so I didn't want to venture outside for a run). I've consistently found that being active really helps ameliorate chemo symptoms so although it's been a bit of a challenge to get going on the days right after the chemo I feel better when I do it so hopefully this trend will continue.


  1. Bahahahaha....that dream ranks up there with the mashed potato dream with Grandpa. Your analytical/logical mind is as much a part of you as anything else, I suppose. Maybe it would be good to name the tumors so that you can visualize getting them out the exit pipeline. Great news on their shrinkage, btw....4.8 down to 2 cm is huge...like a 40% decrease! If they had a cost, and were on sale for 40%, I would buy them and plant them in the ground so that they could transform from being malignant cells in your body's enviro. to being tulips or daisies or something else benign and beautiful in the earth's enviro. How's that for a meditation metaphor?

  2. Yeah, the tumor shrinkage is really mind blowing. Another crazy thing is that I can feel some of this going on in my neck. Every once in a while I'll get a twinge in one of my lymph nodes and I know that there's some mad cellular warfare going on inside. Bad cells are being smoked out and their replication behavior disrupted. I just hope that there aren't too many innocent cellular bystanders caught in the cross-fire!

  3. I just checked with our CFO and she says that dream is billable.

  4. Well, glad to see that someone's going to get some value out of my weird dream-state musings!

  5. ...seeing if I can actually post!
    I won't do dream analysis... but let's just say your unconscious mind is working overtime! But with so much to process - it's no wonder.
    We're thinking of you and sending love.

  6. Well, George, I have NO idea what you were talking about in this post but Dave & I are thrilled to hear that the tumors are shrinking and that you are still able to exercise (mountain biking, really??!!) Tanya says "Hi" and sends her best!
    Shirley & Dave