Sunday, April 11, 2010

Falling off the vegan bandwagon

I am A Bad Man (from a vegan perspective)... It all started with some salad. Sounds innocuous, but Friday night I was just really feeling the need for some chicken. So I ordered a salad with some chicken. And it tasted Good... So yesterday morning we drove up to Breck to spend a day with a friend of ours and stopped in a nice breakfast place. And we had a breakfast burrito. With Cheese. And it Tasted Good. Then last night at dinner, the wheels completely fell off the vegan bus and I had some seared tuna. And it tasted Wonderful. And then I got home and my stomach said - WTF?!!! And I spent a bit of time feeling uncomfortable in ways that involved a trip or two to the bathroom. So  yes, that's me, standing by the side of the road, watching the vegan bus roll by.

This morning I'm feeling fine and I'm thinking that in general I'll aim towards the vegan bus line but may occasionally take side trips with the ovo-lacto vegetarian mini-van and won't rule out an occasional piece of meat. Still trying to find the right balance between being completely vegan and eating stuff to satisfy my appetite and my desire to keep up my weight and feel good while going through the chemo.

So stay tuned for more adventures in vegan (or not so much so) eating!


  1. Moderation in all things -- at least at the moment. So cheat, but not too much and not too often and only one thing at a time. And when things slow down, digestion-wise, up your magnesium intake. That'll help lots. (I'm glad my many years of food allergy experience are finally making me useful to someone!)

  2. Thx for the tip about magnesium. Do you get that from a food or a supplement?

  3. A nice little pill-shaped supplement you get at the health food store. Start with 250 mgs or so, add more as needed to get things moving again.