Thursday, April 1, 2010

Team Ibis

I realized why I did the gravel slide last night. The Ibis Mojo (my mountain bike) was just trying to get my attention. I posted a picture of the Schwinn Peloton (my road bike) but the Ibis wasn't getting any blog love so it was gently "reminding" me that my mountain bike is another important get-well tool that I hope to use all summer. And that if I don't respect it, it can also be a Tool of Destruction. So here is the Ibis Mojo. I hope this calms the old boy down and my skin can stay connected to the rest of me for a good number of upcoming rides. Note the attitude - the side swagger with the head cocked to the cameras as if to say "Yeah, I'm all that. Want to make somethin' of it?" Now I just need to convince that front wheel to keep going in the general direction of the rest of the bike frame and I'll be set to go.


  1. We sang Gregorian Chant and Polyphony at Immaculate Conception for Holy Thursday.  We kept you in prayer.  I'm posting this so that the Chant doesn't feel neglected in the blogosphere.  I don't want any music books or organ pipes falling on my head.

  2. yup, good plan! You sing in some pretty big, heavy stone buildings. If those guys aren't feeling the blog love, you could be in store for some major assaults! So keep posting about the music - I can feel the energy surging out of Cleveland across the plains and rolling up into Boulder.