Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday stuff

Nothing to report on medically today so just a quick recap of the day. First, Susan and I managed to get out of work a bit early yesterday and did a couple of quick laps on Marshall Mesa. My camera got a bit confused by the late afternoon sunlight so here's a slightly lame picture of Susan coming down the Coal Seam trail, accessed from the Marshall Mesa Trailhead:

 Then we invited ourselves over to Susan's sister's house for a casual dinner of pizza and salad (thx, guys!)  Got up on Saturday and did a bit of yardwork and then -  yup - out for another ride. Tony did a grand tour of Boulder and I caught up with him for about 20 miles of road and trail riding in Louisville, Marshall and Boulder. It was pretty windy so the upwind portions (heading west) were a bit of a slog but overall, a nice ride and I feel like I got some good base training in. I got home and walked into the house to the heavenly aroma of home made wheat bread. Susan continues to cook us just tremendously healthy and great tasting meals. What a treat! Really looking forward to dinner (bean soup, spinach salad and home made bread. Yummy!) After getting some lunch, I did a  bit of work on both mountain bikes and there goes another great Saturday!

I realize it's been a few days since I've posted gross photos of my body, so here are a couple of more. First, the scar from the biopsy seems to be healing quite nicely. It's getting less bumpy and the color is fading a bit:

On the flip side, I think that Pete is definitely getting uglier over time. All the brusing that was inside of me from the port implant has come to the surface and despite not getting any sun exposure, Peter is getting quite dark. 

I've got an appt with my oncologist on Monday and we'll see how Pete does. As long as he's not infected and there's good flow into my vein the medical team will be happy. I'd like him to look a bit less like an alien getting ready to erupt from my chest but aesthetics definitely take a back seat to function on this one, I guess.


  1. I'd say instead of using the word "ugly" to describe Pete, use the word "bad-ass." That honors his funcionality better. Finally you can play the part of a swarthy Pirate, scars and all!

  2. Well, with the combination of the biopsy scare, Pete and his attendant scar and the road rash (leg, back and forearm) I look more like an extra from one of the "Night of the Living Dead" movies!