Monday, June 14, 2010

A new gizmo to make showering oh so easy!

The helpful folks at the chemo center gave me a pointer to a nice little gizmo that facilitates taking showers when  you have a PICC line. The DryPro for PICC lines is pretty nice. Just slide it over your arm, pump the air out and take your shower. It took a bit of practice to get it right - if you don't have it snug at both the top and the bottom you won't get a good suction seal and it'll never get tight. But once I figured that out, it's been pretty nice. Much easier (and dryer) then the home made saran wrap contraption I was using before. Initially out of the box it had a pretty strong rubber smell - both Susan and I could smell it on me after I showered. But now that it's been in use for a week or so that smell is getting less intense. The advertisements  say you can swim with it but I'm not sure I'd stress it that far. But for showering it's really nice. I've also used the jacuzzi in our bathroom with this on and it's nice to not have to constantly worry about keeping your arm away from the water. In another post I think I'll list all the crap that I've got to manage with my PICC lifestyle. Being a gear geek at heart I've sort of gotten into the whole thing but I can certainly understand why everyone's going to an implanted port. Well, not everyone. Just those of us with life threatening diseases that need to ingest chemicals that are so strong that they would melt the paint of the walls. But heh, don't be envious - I'm sure you have fun stuff in your life, too!

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