Monday, June 28, 2010

Infusion 8/12 - smooth sailing

Hi, all. Back from an AWESOME few days in Crested Butte and back in the big chair for another infusion. Here I am signaling 8/12 treatments:

As you can maybe make out, my bald head has gotten a bit of sun so I'm starting to look a bit more like a bald guy and less like a lame chemo patient without hair.

It was a beautiful day today and I was feeling pretty chipper in the morning so I biked to work and then biked over to the chemo center. And yes, this is my big F___ You to the whole treatment - every time I can manage to bike over to get an infusion I feel like I'm making a statement. Maybe it's a lame, useless statement but I'm still making it...

All my tests looked pretty good today. Heart rate, blood pressure, WBCs, temperature all OK. My WBCs are sliding down a bit again so we'll keep an eye on those. I've learned that you want these sessions to be uneventful so I'm just blogging while waiting for my DTIC to drip in.


  1. I like the biking. Never give up, never surrender! Isn't that from some movie?

  2. Galaxy Quest! Yeah, a great movie and a great phrase :) One of Allan Rickman's greatest roles!