Monday, June 14, 2010

Guest gardener in the house!

We got a Caitlyn sighting this weekend, which was really great. Coincidentally, she was in town at the same time as our nephew Gabe and we realized over dinner that they hadn't seen each other in 9 years. Crazy! Anyway, with all the rain we had this weekend we needed to do a bit of work to complete the front terraced garden and make it a little more rain resilient (better drainage from the down spout, added mulch, etc.) Here's a pic of our guest gardener doing her Vanna White thing:

And of course, no review of the garden would be complete without a brief advertisement for the wonders of duct tape to solve problems with machines you might run into along the way:

Kyle tells me that the chain saw is running a lot better since his recent rebuild, including the judicious use of the duct tape. I think I'll let him run that bad boy for a few more sessions and see how the tape job holds up!

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