Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gear fun on the way to CB

So today we're off to Crested Butte for a few days of fun in the mountains.Had a tense couple of days earlier this week with some potential pulmonary issues which I'll blog up in a separate post. But the good news is that I'm ok and we're headed out to play!

Susan's doing her wingman thing and driving us - here she is going up Fremont Pass (easier than it will be on the CT in August! :

Susan's two rides taking in the scenary from the roof of the Audi A4 Avant:

The Ibis Mojo, complete with new chain rings and POS rebuilt Mavis rear hub:

And I've taken this opportunity to seriously do the mobile geek thing.

Here is what we're rolling with:

- Nuvi for trip info, navigation and BT client for our phones
- Two BlackBerries for smart phone, mobile e-mail, weather, Facebook, Tweets and backup nav with Verison navigator
- Dell E6400, 8GB memory, 260 GB SSD
- Verizon myfi hotspot for mobile internet access for the Dell

So here's the picture from the navigator's cockpit:

Checking out the weather in CB from Satellite map shows a clear, high pressure front of CB, clear weather for the next 48 hours with some cloudiness and afternoon t-storms on the weekend.

That's it for now! Posting before we leave Leadville and good cell connectivity. More blogging later!

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