Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's great to have George home from the hospital! (by Susan)

Our crazy week is now over.  Greg and Lindsay headed back to Seattle and Caitlyn is off to San Francisco to run a half-marathon.  My Mom and brother Jim are still in town for a few days, and Ross and Maruja are here for another few weeks.    George and I are feeling bad that we didn't get our Crested Butte vacation in with the kids, but we are realizing that when a person is getting chemo you should always get travel insurance because you just don't know what is going to happen.

It is so great to have George home from the hospital.  When he was gone the energy of the house was just all wrong.  He is doing better - breathing better every day and talking normally (which, for George, is quite an accomplishment because he talks a LOT and very FAST).   He is realizing that he needs to schedule in some downtime in order to keep from feeling really bad again, so we are going to plan in some "couch time" for him.

This reminds me of being a little kid in Mayfield Heights, Ohio - my mom made us take naps every day after lunch.  Even then I was not a good napper and had to be coerced to ever sit still.  Mom would say, "You don't have to go to sleep - just sit on the couch and do something quiet for an hour!"  I would usually read a book for an hour while my younger siblings napped.  I realized later that the time was mainly for Mom - so SHE could get a much-needed rest during the day!

Anyhow, that is what we are doing with George - he doesn't have to nap, but he has to have time where he is not working on projects or running around at least once a day.  We will see how this goes.

With good home cooking he has already gained back the weight he lost in the hospital.  He was getting so skinny that I was worried that his butt was going to completely disappear! 

Today the weather is so beautiful here in Louisville - mid 70's and sunny - I think we are going to take some nice walks and eat some healthy food and breathe deeply. 

George is scheduled to get his chemo on Monday, minus the Bleomycin.  Only three more sessions to go - 30 more days.  As George said, this is the last big hill where you really want to quit, but you have to keep going because the end is in sight.  We just have to get him through this and then he can focus on complete recovery and getting his strength back. 

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  1. Yup, just finished my first, 2 hour nap time (aka jail time). Did feel just like being 4 years old again. Lying in bed, not really sleepy. Man, it would have been great to have had a smart phone when I was 4! Best EVER playmate when you're forced to do quiet/down time:
    - caught up on Facebook - check
    - caught up on online CNN - check (big damn break in eastern Iowa a couple of hours ago - no injuries reported though)
    - read Entertainment Weekly - got a few tips on some of the cool effects in Inception - nice.

    So I'm up from my nap time and feeling recharged. So although the mid-day nap time is a PITA when you're not tired, it does seem like a good training aid. Will definitely keep that in the schedule at least for the next week or so.

    BTW, my hair is starting to grow back! I proudly went to Great Clips this afternoon and had a #2. They only took off about 200 pieces of hair but did trim up a few tuffs that were growing on my sideburns and over my ears. So I'm now I'm all nicely trimmed up.

    And, I did a whopping 2 miles on my bike around the neighborhood, average speed about 8.5 mph. Not quite the 4000+ ft. of vertical the boys did on Fall River and Trail Ridge Road last nide - that ride will have to wait until 2011 for me!