Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big workout - 40 minutes of walking and 100 ft of vertical

As part of my recovery I did my first power walk today - 40 minutes at a pretty good pace. This also included a MASSIVE 100 ft. vertical climb. And I was really gassed at the top! So that should show you where my pulmonary function is these days. I'm really, really worried about getting  my lung function back. Susan's being super supportive (as always!) and assuring me that I'll get better and I definitely am making progress - I could not have done this walk two days ago. And of course, it's BTBD. But it's still daunting to get so winded so easily. We have an appt with my oncologist tomorrow and this will be my #1 question - how much if any of this will be permanent, what should I be doing to help get my lungs back to being healthy, etc.

Other than that big issue, I've felt pretty good all weekend. Had another small item crop up yesterday - started to get some Thrush in my mouth (caused by a fungus that you have in your mouth but is usually controlled by good bacteria in your mouth). The combination of chemo drugs and the prednisone are suppressing my immune system so the Thrush started to show up. White dots, gunk, can start to bleed. It's pretty easily treated with an anti-fungal medication you take orally so I started that yesterday evening and tonight it's much better.

Other than that distraction, I've got no temperature, no other medical issues and generally feel pretty good. The weather here in Boulder County has been really nice and I've been outside quite a bit, just putzing around the house and doing house logistics that were a bit behind from me being in the hospital and under the weather the last couple of weeks. We've had a lot of family in town and they've been a great support. Of course, getting more people organized and moved around does introduce a bit of a hassle at times but Susan and Celia have managed most of that so it hasn't been hard on me. Tonight our house has emptied out so we're back to our normal Sunday evening rhythm of the two us and Socrates.

Tomorrow I'll start Cycle 5, Day 15 (aka my 10th infusion). Without the Bleomycin I hope it will be pretty uneventful. After tomorrow I'll have only two more infusions to go! So I can definitely start to see the finish line of this part of the journey. Just got to get there in one piece!

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