Saturday, June 2, 2012

midnight at eRock

just a bit after midnight and the team is out doing double laps. Carlin should be done soon and Gary is just about to go out to the starting line to get ready for this 2 laps. It's a beautiful evening down here just north of Palmer Divide. It's in the high 50s, clear, almost a full moon. I finished my first lap at about 11:10. Kept my heart rate at about 158-160 for the entire lap, 42:20 or so elapsed time. Most of the other folks are doing between 31-33 so I'm way off the pace but I was hoping to go < 45 so it was a good time for me, given where my fitness is right now. The only negative to the course is that it's been very dry, so the course is very dusty and sandy. At times I was riding through a haze of dust raised by riders in front of me. My front wheel did  got a little side ways on the jeep rode on the west side of the course but I managed to get it going forward before I fell off the bike. It's really a hoot being out here with 400 similar minded folks. The next few hours will be hard on folks as exercising hard in the middle of the night doesn't come naturally to too many people.

I'm off to sleep; my next ride isn't until about 7:30 but I'll want to be up by 6:15 or so to get some breakfast into me before my next lap.

Stay tuned for more posts tomorrow as the 24 hours of eRock continues!

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