Friday, June 1, 2012

eRock 2012 - pre race camp setup

Howdy, gang! This weekend I thought I would change gears a bit and post a few things about the 24 hour of eRock we're doing this weekend. We've got 8 of us this year - me, Tony, Carlin, Gary, Steve, Scott, Ed and Amanda. I'll be posting photos and maybe even lap times through the nite and tomorrow so although boring to most of you, it'll be a fun thing I can do to celebrate being active and being done with chemo. Yeah!

Here's a couple of pics as our campsite came together:

There are about 100 teams in the race; a combination of solo riders (crazy!), 2, 4 and 8 person teams. It's really, really fun to get a few hundred cyclists together and spend 24 hours racing around an 8 mile loop! I know it sounds either boring or crazy to spend a night and a day doing this, but I really enjoy it. Our team is a somewhat serious rec team. We're in no danger of winning our division but everyone works hard on their laps but are also very supportive of whatever speed people go at. Which is a good thing, since I'm pretty sure I'll be the slowest person in the group this year. My last dose of chemo was 26 days ago so I'm still a long way from being completely normal in terms of blood chemisty. I'd say I'm at about 65-70% of the speed I was capable of in 2009. No one's sure how much function I'll get back so it's pretty much a wait and see game. So for now, I'm working hard, enjoying being able to be active and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Good sleep, good food, exercise regularly, don't drink *too* much alcohol,, manage work stress, etc.

Ok, that's it for now! The race officially starts at 6:30 mountain time. I'll post pictures of the start - they have a running start which is a hoot to see. 80-100 cyclists clomping down the dirt road in their bike cleats and then off on their bike. Stay tuned for more posts as the evening progresses!

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  1. I think it sounds fun, and that 2009 speed or not it is 100% good to have a healthy dad again!