Monday, May 9, 2011

SGN35 protocol start

Today I'm down at the infusion center starting the clinical trial. Because my ANC count is now pretty good (2500) I'm in the common room and not in a private room. I kind of like this vibe better. It always perks me up a bit to see other folks that are going through roughly the same thing. And when you hear the stories of other folks it helps put my issues in perspective. A guy next to me this morning is on Vicodin and Oxycontin for pain and his cancer is spreading through his bones. It's now in his clavicle and coughing causes him lots of pain. So he is basically screwed. Pretty sobering...

In my world, my body had a great week. My red blood cell counts went up 12% in 4 days. Pretty amazing! Susan and I got out for a 31 mile bike ride yesterday. It was pretty slow but the fact that I could do it at all is testament to the fact that I'm getting back to normal. I also had a hard but fun mountain bike ride on Wednesday.

As always, my wonder woman is here to help me out:

It's been pretty boring this morning, just waiting around to get through the bureaucracy of the research program. Hopefuly it will go faster in subsequent weeks; I've been here over 2 hours and have not started the treatment yet. Thank heavens for portable computing devices!

So that's the quick update. Feeling good, a bit anxious about how this next set of meds will make me feel but ready to dive in and get things going.

More news as it happens!

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