Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The newest member of our family

Yesterday we picked up Athena, our new kitten. Another sign of coming back to life! She's 10 weeks old and is a grey, black and white tabby, in the Socrates tradition of cats. She was born on the Longmont Dairy Farm and her mom was killed crushing the road to relocate her litter. Athena was the only survivor and the family threw her in with a foster cat mom who welcomed her with open (arms? nipples? whatever...)

Here's a video of our newest family member. We're really happy to have some new cat energy in the house. We will all grow up and be healthy together! Good times, for sure!!!


  1. Cute! What good energy to have in the house! To infinities of health!

  2. well, the cuteness factor is currently being tempered a bit by the fact that our female philosopher cat hasn't quite figured out what the litter box is for. Once we get over that little issue, I think her cuteness factor will skyrocket :)