Friday, February 26, 2010

Telling Everyone...

Wow. A big day of telling everyone at work about what's going on with my health and also disseminating the news to various virtual communities. In some ways, it was great. Received all sorts of support and positive affirmations. And I think it was harder on most of the recipients to get the news than it was for me to deliver it. I've been processing this for a couple of weeks with increasing certainty that I was going down this path. For most of the people I talked to today, it was quite a shock. It felt bad to put this black news into everyone's day but I felt like it was better to get it out into the open and have people process it and then move on, versus having it leak out through various conversations. So now people can spend the weekend feeling bad about the news, thankful for the good things in their life, worried about me, worried about themselves, process, process, process... I hope this blog will be a way for me to keep everyone in the loop that cares to think about me and I can do all my thinking and worrying here and not carry it around with me into all the other aspects of my life.

I am not just a cancer patient! I'm a father, a husband, a soccer player, a mountain biker, a road biker, a software guy, a sci-fi junkie. And yes, I'm also a person with cancer. And I will pay attention to it and I will do everything I can to get and stay healthy. So on these pages I'll think and talk a lot about cancer. And away from these pages I will continue to live the rest of my life the best that I can.

Ok, that's a quick post for today. More thoughts over the weekend as I get ready to interview oncologists and select my health care team that will help me manage through this illness and back to health!!!

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  1. George, I just want to know I'll totally support you in your journey through this challenge. In fact I'm claiming "first" on bald, see ya on Monday :-)