Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday: The Grand Tour of Louisville (by Susan)

We got out for a good long walk today - doing the grand tour of Louisville, including some of the historic sites mentioned at the Louisville historical society.  We had lunch at B.O.B.S. sandwich shop and then walked home.  It was about a 3.5 hour walk including lunch.    I can see how this thing is going to go.  The surgeon told George that he couldn't do any exercise except walking until he got his stitches out, which happens this coming Thursday.   No biking, no hockey, no soccer, ho skiing, etc., etc.

"Well, can't I at least do the stationary bike?"  George asked.

"No stationary bike!  Nothing that gets your heart rate up or the capillaries in your neck will break!" said Dr. King.

George is already chafing under these restrictions.  So, of course, we had to go for the mega-walk. 

My other main challenge is getting George to eat - his appetite has gone down, and we want to keep his strength up.  So far, Blizzards at Dairy Queen seem to be the answer - easy to swallow post-neck surgery and mmm-mmm good!

We have a big week booked of interviewing oncologists - thanks to everyone who gave us recommendations!


  1. George & Susan,
    We were absolutely shocked to hear the news - we're here to help in any way we can and feel free to call anytime. Dr. John Fleagal (oncologist) was Dave's doc and is absolutely phenomenal. We have other recommendations as well - will email you directly.
    Sending positive, healing thoughts and wishes -- you'll win this!
    Shirley & Dave Thielen

  2. It is so out of bounds that such a health nut has an illness like this. Not you have to become less healthy in order to beat the disease. There is no justice in any of that.

    May peace be upon your monkey brain always!

  3. Shirley - nice to hear from you. I was chatting with Paula and was happy to hear that Dave is doing well. I've got an appt. with Dr. Fleagal tomorrow. I've got 3 different vectors to him that suggest he's really good. So thx for the reference. Look forward to seeing you guys out and around town!

  4. Kevin, thx for the post. Yeah, there's not much fairness or equity in this, I think. Get the disease, get treated, get healthy. The why questions seem pretty unproductive, IMHO. I'm certainly going to do a bunch of research to see what lifestyle changes I can make to maximize recovery and minimize the risk of re-occurence. But I'm not spending much time on the why; just on the "how do I get better and get these bad cells out of my body?"