Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! And hi-tech kitty making phone calls

Susan's off singing at church so this morning it's just me and the cat kicking around the house. As is fairly typical of most families, we spent a bit of time this morning on the phone catching up with remote relatives. Caitlyn gave Athena a call and got caught up on the goings on of Mrs. Grimsby-Whiskers, aka Knives Chow, aka Athena Popidopalus Florentine. When you don't have an oppose-able thumb it's a bit tough to hold a phone but the Bluetooth headset works pretty well as long as you stay still in your kitty bed:

I for one am pretty happy to be not dying of lymphoma. That's pretty cool! I've dropped that line on people a couple of times this week and it's a bit of a conversation stopper so I guess I should mellow it out a bit. Maybe something like: "Yeah, I've got a lot to be thankful for this season." So here's my list of things I'm thankful for, in perhaps something like priority order:

  • Not dying. Yup, that's #1, for sure
  • Loving family (including the high-tech kitty pictured above)
  • Great friends, both socially and at work
  • Riding my bikes
  • Hair
Well, that's probably enough for now. I've got a date with some leaf raking, then a bike ride, then off to some friends' house for thanksgiving celebrations. I hope that today you take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life. I've had my share of shitstorms in the last couple of years but today things are looking pretty good so I'm going to focus on that and enjoy the day.

BTW, Athena is a bit shy about giving out her cell phone # so I'm afraid I can't share that with you. If you need to chat with her, drop Susan and I a note and we'll see if we can get her to call you back. No promises, though :)

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  1. So thankful for your health too Dad. And for Athena's remote communication capabilities too of course. :) Love!