Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hell, yeah. Another clean CT scan

Got my CT scan results back today. No new cancer growth in my lymph nodes. Yeah!!!! They did find some dots in my lungs - could be the start of a viral growth in my lungs that could have taken hold as my immune system has been regrowing. My lungs feel pretty good so I don't have any obvious symptoms and I am taking acyclovir, which is an anti-viral. Still, the radiologists feel like another chest-only CT scan in another month is prudent just to make sure I'm not growing some crazy viral structure in my lungs. And they still see some sign of scarring from the Bleomycin. And this is the problem with lots of diagnostics. You can get lots of "false" positive that make you go digging around and the digging around activities are not without risk.

But the big, happy news is that my lymphatic system looks to still be OK. That's the news I was hoping to get (and fearing that I wouldn't). Man, it feels pretty good to be alive today after getting that news. So I'm focusing on that and we'll work through whatever lung issues come up. So I will be focusing on being healthy for the next month, keep taking the acylovir and see what the next CT scan of my lungs show.

That's it for now - just wanted to share the good news. Most excellent!!!

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