Sunday, February 27, 2011

what do you see when you look at an old person?

When I used to look at old people that were white haired, wrinkled, slow of gait, I always thought - man, that sucks. Getting old must be really hard. Having your face change, hair change, losing strength, flexibility, mental acuity - like most young people I was not looking forward to any of that.

But now I've got a different perspective. Now I think - wow - they made it. They got to live a long life, have lots of experiences, got to see their kids grow up and get out into the world, hopefully gain some wisdom. They've done it. And man, I'm envious. I WANT that - to have a long life, see lots of changes in the world. So I used to look at old people and feel kind of sad that they were trapped in that kind of body. Now I'm envious and hope I get to be old and have wrinkled skin, be a bit stooped over, ask people to speak up, need 3 pairs of glasses to get through the day, pee 3 times a night - whatever.

So for those of you that are worried about getting old. I think it's a good thing. Let's all do it. Sure beats the alternative...

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