Friday, October 22, 2010

A great wing-woman picture

One other quick post. Caitlyn got this picture in July when I was at my low point in the hospital. I just recently saw it and it really touched me. With this kind of support, how could I not get better! Because my white blood count was low I had to wear a mask when I was walking around the hospital. And the sun glasses - well, they speak for themselves, don't they?

Cancer Tough

And I'm sure glad I'm looking a bit better these days than when this picture was taken. It's funny, but when you look like shit, no one wants to say that. So you always get told you're looking good when  you're sick (at least, that was generally my experience). But when you DO actually look better, people will say "boy, you look so much better than xxx." And then you do the math and say, hmm, if I look good now, and I look ALOT better than I did then, that means that I looked ??? But you said I was looking good then. So that was a lie? But is your comment now that I'm looking good another lie? Or am I REALLY looking good now? Or just compared to then? Ah, screw it. Caring too much about how you look always gets you in trouble anyway, so let's just focus on getting faster on the bike! Yeah, that's the ticket...


  1. Getting faster on the bike and spelling "a lot" as two words instead of one. Hahahahaha! JK. "Cancer tough" is the name of that photo, btw. Might have to print it off. Put it next to one of you and me in matching purple western shirts on our way to girl scout father daughter dancing. :) Love you!

  2. Yup, killer dance! Remember it well and I remember really digging those matching shirts. I updated the post to have the appropriate label for the photo.