Thursday, September 16, 2010

A great ending to a tough day - thx for the Organic Dish meals!

One other note about our tough day last Thursday when I was diagnosed with the blood clots. So imagine this scenario - your 15 minute appt turns into an all day affair involving a trip to the hospital, your wife has got a mountain of work thrown on her because her boss decided to resign, you've got a code deliverable in the morning, you get home at 6:00 pm totally wiped from the day and now someone has to make dinner. Yuck...

But you've got a super secret weapon up your sleeve! Your awesome peeps at work have gotten together and donated some beer tokens (aka money) to set you up with free organic, vegan meals courtesy of The Organic Dish! So, I cracked open a Newcastle (thankfully my interest in beer is returning) and within a few minutes we had a great meal involving mango salsa, couscous and a tasty veggie ragout including beans, kale and zucchini. Man, what a nice way to perk up what was pretty much a train wreck of a day. Here's a picture from table-side:

As you can see we had a good  variety of alcohol to go along with the entree!

So thanks again to the folks at Flatirons that contributed to this very thoughtful and useful gift. Through their generosity we've been given a bunch of free meals that we'll use over the next few weeks whenever we hit a down or especially busy day. Good stuff!

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